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Welcome to the Kamina API documentation!

Here you will find comprehensive information about the services and functionalities offered by Kamina, the Telecom as a Service platform. Our API allows you to seamlessly integrate and manage various communication components, enabling you to build industrial-grade telecom services swiftly.


Kamina's documentation is still ongoing!

To start using the Kamina API, you will need an API key. You can obtain an API key by signing up for an account on our developer portal. Once you have an API key, you can authenticate your requests by including it in the Authorization header of your API calls.

Why Kamina?

Our robust cloud-based platform leverages the most powerful open-source technology and high-quality internal developments, providing you with strong technical tools to establish complex, scalable, and secure voice, video, and messaging telecommunication services with utmost ease.

Whether you're aiming to set up a simple IVR system, create your own UCaaS platform, or devise a custom CPaaS solution, Kamina's diversified suite of services encompassing Cloud PBX, CPaaS, and SMS platforms have got you covered.

Our expansive platforms are loaded with features and tools that empower you to tailor and manage your communication systems to meet your distinctive needs. With Kamina, you gain absolute control over your voice, video, and messaging communications, thereby enabling you to craft a service that's uniquely aligned to your business objectives.

Dive into our extensive documentation to discover more about how our service can assist you in building the ideal industrial-grade telecommunications solution, encompassing all aspects of modern digital communication

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