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Welcome to the Kamina API documentation!

Here you will find comprehensive information about the services and functionalities offered by Kamina, your trusted partner in designing, deploying and managing cutting-edge tech stacks. Our API allows you to seamlessly integrate and manage various open-source softwares, enabling you to build industrial-grade tech stacks swiftly.


Kamina's documentation is still ongoing!

To start using the Kamina API, you will need an API key. You can obtain an API key by signing up for an account on our developer portal. Once you have an API key, you can authenticate your requests by including it in the Authorization header of your API calls.

Why Kamina?

Our robust cloud-based platform leverages the most powerful open-source technology and high-quality internal developments, providing you with strong technical tools to establish complex, scalable, and secure voice, video, and messaging telecommunication services with utmost ease.

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